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Developing that lifelong love of swimming

We believe that early and frequent experiences in the water are essential to a child’s health and well-rounded development. St Peter's Swim School offers community swimming lessons that are a cut above.  
The advantages of learning to swim, beyond the obvious safety considerations, are many and varied, where learning to swim is proven to help develop the whole person. It is with this philosophy and science in mind that we build our lesson structures. Our instructors understand the importance of these principles and apply them on a daily basis.

We cater for ages from babies as young as 3-months old, to older first-time swimmers, through to swimming veterans.  Our programme encourages talented swimmers to reach the pinnacle of the sports competitive pathway through performance training options. Our class levels suit most age groups across all abilities, and we accommodate free swim training slots where swimmers can enjoy our facilities and practice their strokes.  

St Peter's Swim School boasts small class sizes, experienced instructors, heated pools with low chlorine, and premium water quality. 
So dive in, literally, experience what St Peter's Swim School has to offer, and see how swimming lessons can help develop that lifelong love for swimming for the whole family. Find out more about our range of Learn To Swim programmes and lessons here.

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